Friday, April 8, 2011


I'm on the ground trying, but I can't. Why can't I though? I don't know.

I'm laying on the ground and I can't breath the oxygen I want to. I want breath in all that air. The wonderful air that everyone doesn't think of. The thing everyone does every single day of their life is breath air, but until it comes time when you can't, its the time you see how important it is to you.

How much I want to breath in all that air, and feel better. I can't. I'm on the ground and I'm hurt. How? I'm not sure all I remember is I was swimming and now here I am. I don't get how I got in this position, I wish I did know.

All that air surrounding me and I cant have it. It's like it's mocking me. Everyone takes advantage of air, and nobody really thinks about it. But when it comes time when you can't have it, it's the time you notice it.

"Hurry!" I hear someone yell,  but I'm not sure who.
"We have to give her mouth to mouth," I think it's the lifeguard.

I cant feel anything, I lay paralyzed on the ground. All of a sudden I have air in lungs. How good it feels. I gasp a little, wanting more, as much as I can have. Then, I get more oxygen in lungs. I remember the lifeguard saying they had to give me mouth to mouth. They are saving my life.

I want more air. Need more air. Come on give me more. It's the one thing I'll be thankful for forever. Just give me more air.

Please I say drifting off. Please, this one thing. But it was too late I didn't get enough air. I lay lifeless on the ground and all I needed was air, the thing surrounding me. The thing I never really thought of. The thing everyone takes advantage of.

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