Sunday, March 27, 2011


I explained what the Vintage means. I explained what the Kisses means. Now it's time for the Star in my name. Star means lots of things. For example stars are the perfect touch to lots of things, like when you're on a date you can be on the ground looking at the stars, or a goodnight kiss outside at night. This may sound kind of cheesy, but some couples buy each other stars. I really mean like a star in the sky is their's.
Here is some pics:

Vintage Kisses N Star Wishes 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sitting and Watching

Hey everyone! :D I mentioned before how I love to write...well i decided to up up something. I don't really like it that much, but please tell me what you think and here it is:

Sitting and Watching

The shy, Freshmen girl, sits and watches the Sophomore guy. How cute he is. How much she wants him. He is on her mind all the time. When a girl talks to him she always thinks she'll steal him away from her.
"Why does it have to be like this?" the Freshmen girl thinks. "Why is love always so complicated?"
The Freshmen girl just wants there to be someone who loves her back. She wants someone who will smile at her smile. All she wants is true love.

The Sophomore guy, with his head in a whirl, sits and watches the Junior girl. How much he likes the Junior girl. All he wants is to be with her. The Sophomore guy likes her true personality, and her love for others. He hates when other guys talk to her. He's afraid that she will attract to them instead of him.
"Oh why can't I have her?" thinks the Sophomore guy. "All I want is to be with her."
All the Sophomore guy wants is to be with a girl who is true to herself, and others. He wants someone like the Junior girl.

The Junior girl, in her red sedan, sits and watches the Senior man. Oh how good the Senior man looks. The guy almost every girl wants. The Junior girl loves him for his passion towards things, and others. She loves how nice he is to everyone. The Junior girl wants to be with him someday, wishing they might even get married.
"He will never notice me," thinks the Junior girl. "He never will, I'm invisible to him."
The Junior girl wants to be with him so badly. She hopes, and prays it will happen someday.

The Senior man, all  hot and wild, sits and secretly watches the Freshmen child. He sees her looking at the Sophomore guy and wishes he was the Sophomore guy. The Senior man wants a girl like her. She is relaxed and simple and not all over him like the other girls.
"Why does it have to be this way?" thinks the Senior man. "I want to be the Sophomore guy."
All the Senior man wants to have is a simple, beautiful, relaxed girl like the Freshmen child. He wanted to love someone like her and be with her forever, but will it happen.

They all sit and watch and stare at each other. They fall in love with each other more and more day after day.

Day after day everyone saw:
The freshmen girl, oh so shy, sit and watch the sophomore guy. The sophomore guy, his head in a whirl, sat and watched the junior girl. The junior girl, in her red sedan, sat and watched the senior man. But, the senior man, all hot, and wild, sat and secretly watched the freshmen child.

****Vintage Kisses N Star Wishes <3

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love Kisses All the Times of the Day

I love kisses anytime. When I'm mad, sad, frustrated, happy. Any emotion I have I love kisses. I told you what the Vintage in my blog name is for now it's time for the Kisses. Kisses are part of happiness, and I love happiness...everyone does. Kisses can mean everything, and nothing. But a kiss is a kiss. I love kisses. A world without kisses is not a world at all to me. 

Kisses are love and here is love and kisses:


Vintage Kisses N Star Wishes