Sunday, February 27, 2011

Being A Risk Taker

What Being A Risk Taker Can Do For You:

I'm a risk taker. I'll do anything that will make me happy and I don't care what the consequences are. I'll take all the consequences even for one little moment. Here's why:

That one little moment will change everything for me.
That one little moment will give me happiness.
That one little moment will change my life in little ways I won't  even know, or think about.
That one little moment will always be in my memories for me to remember.

Those are just little things a risk taker has in their life. If you think about it you only have one life to live. Live it right. Be a risk taker. Make yourself and the ones you love happy. Never regret what you've done. If you were happy, but something went wrong and you regret doing it, never regret it. That moment brought you happiness. 

Vintage Kisses N Star Wishes <3

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