Sunday, February 27, 2011

Being A Risk Taker

What Being A Risk Taker Can Do For You:

I'm a risk taker. I'll do anything that will make me happy and I don't care what the consequences are. I'll take all the consequences even for one little moment. Here's why:

That one little moment will change everything for me.
That one little moment will give me happiness.
That one little moment will change my life in little ways I won't  even know, or think about.
That one little moment will always be in my memories for me to remember.

Those are just little things a risk taker has in their life. If you think about it you only have one life to live. Live it right. Be a risk taker. Make yourself and the ones you love happy. Never regret what you've done. If you were happy, but something went wrong and you regret doing it, never regret it. That moment brought you happiness. 

Vintage Kisses N Star Wishes <3

Saturday, February 26, 2011



30 Random Things

30 Random Things About Me:

1. I overreact too easy sometimes
2. I love Jesus more than anything in this entire world
3. I don't understand music that cusses over and over
4. I don't understand people that do it either
5. I have a best friend that sends me inspirational text messages every morning/evening
6. I make random choices without thinking them through.. I'm silly
7. I am horrid at Algebra (hate math)
8. I've learned a ton from one past relationship. moral of the story: being treated like crap IS NOT love
9. I adore toby mac and his music
10. The movie Halloweentown is one of my FAVORITE movies ever
11. I love snow.. especially when it gets me out of school
12. I don't like PDA.. don't touch me all the time. please
13. I cannot stand listening to people trash my friends
14. People that think they're better than everyone else annoy me
15. I thought listing 30 things would be hard.. it wasn't been so far
16. I play volleyball and I love it
17. Just because someone used to be bad, doesn't mean they can't change
18. I think everyone deserves a second chance.. or a tenth
19. Music is my life.
20. I listen to music when I read...too quite if I don't
21. I can't stand girls that hate each other over guys
22. My family is pretty cool
23. My boyfriend and I have been best friends for ten years and we just became boyfriend and girlfriend
24. I love food very much, but can't eat a lot... I get full fast
25. I went to New York for my birthday and to go to a Enrique Iglesias concert... it was awesome.
26. If you haven't been on a motorcycle need to.
27. I don't like people that bully people.. whether it be in person, text messages, or internet.. if you're a bully, you're pitiful
28. Don't be cocky unless you have something to be cocky about
30. Playing in the rain with the one you love is one of the best thing you can do together.

Vintage Kisses N Star Wishes <3

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hey Everyone! 
This is my first blog and this is just me introducing myself. I'm Vintage Kisses N Star Wishes as you can see.
So here is some stuff about me:
I love to read and write. That makes me a reader and a writer. :)
I love to sing, dance, act, and play volleyball.
I have a puppy, and she is like my baby :)

On my blog i will have a variety of lots of things like:
Things I read,or write about.
All types of Quotes
And stuff I'm doing

Sincerely Vintages Kisses N Star Wishes. <3