Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love Kisses All the Times of the Day

I love kisses anytime. When I'm mad, sad, frustrated, happy. Any emotion I have I love kisses. I told you what the Vintage in my blog name is for now it's time for the Kisses. Kisses are part of happiness, and I love happiness...everyone does. Kisses can mean everything, and nothing. But a kiss is a kiss. I love kisses. A world without kisses is not a world at all to me. 

Kisses are love and here is love and kisses:


Vintage Kisses N Star Wishes


  1. HEY i love your blog! I just started one too and i know its great to get comments and know people are reading your blog so here i am. I really like your background and i love your kisses pictures. I am such a hopeless romantic! If you want to email me or anything my email is cya xx

  2. Aww thanks and I'm a hopeless romantic too loland thanks for commenting :)